What some of my clients are saying...

Sairah Headshots resized for web-4.jpg "Lindsey is without a doubt a word ninja! For the longest time I’ve been wanting to write some snazzy new sales pages for my 1:1 coaching practice, but the projects just kept getting put on the back burner. I had a lot of doubt about hiring a copywriter because I was worried that my message would get lost in someone else's voice. Well, Lindsey not only completely removed that fear, but she even sprinkled glitter on top of it! She completely blows me away with how much time and effort she takes in getting know your brand, message, and your own unique voice. Sometimes I even felt like she was downloading what was in my head, and just bringing it to life! Talk about a superpower!

She’s also super quick at getting the job done, and is amazing at communicating during the entire process. You can really tell that she genuinely cares and takes pride in her work, by making sure that it aligns with you and what you want to put out into the world. For anyone considering working with Lindsey, I would say GO FOR IT. You will save yourself the time, headache, and all the angry backspacing. Your t’s will be crossed, and your i’s will be dotted in NO time. She’s totally got you covered!” 

- Sairah Pettes, Body Positive Intuitive Eating Coach, Founder of Turn Up the Love

"Lindsey O'Connor is my go-to expert for social media at all of our major events. Her creativity is off the charts. She knows how to share what I say from stage and communicate it so well to our community. We won't do an event without her!"

- Allison Maslan, Allison Maslan International/CEO

"These days, keeping a positive presence on social media is essential for success in business. It can feel overwhelming and confusing though, not to mention, time consuming! Lindsey O’Connor is the perfect guide to ease those fears, lighten the load and make social media for business feel easy and fun.

I run my own small company as an Integrative Health Specialist. I’ve got my hands full with tending to my clients and managing my clinic. Keeping up with blogging and Facebook posts would often get pushed to the back burner when I felt zapped for time or inspiration. Lindsey has been such a game changer! She helps me find a variety of wonderful posts that are relevant to the work I do and who I am. She has helped me to find my “voice” in writing and gives me inspired guidance when I feel stuck.

She works quickly and attentively, and is a real joy to communicate with. Now that I have Lindsey helping me blog and post interesting content, I’m seeing that a LOT of new clients are finding me through Facebook. It’s fantastic! She is a talented writer, with a nuanced understanding of how social media marketing works. She’s a smart millennial, and you want her on your team!"

- Sarah Cotten, Integrative Health Specialist at Gut Instinct Wellness

 "Lindsey is by far the best business investment and decision I've made in a long while. She is everything you'd want someone on your team to be–smart, resourceful, professional, personable, and hella good at what she does! 

I can't even express how valuable she is to me and my business's success. Lindsey is one of those people you can just trust to not only do exactly what you ask, but to go above and beyond in every way possible. Knowing that her eyes are on my copy and that she can handle just about anything I send her way is invaluable to a busy business owner. Her turn around time is so fast it makes me feel like I'm not working fast enough myself!

She enables me to delegate the stuff I don't love doing so that I can operate in my zone of genius, while she operates in hers. Her willingness to love my business as much as I do energetically contributes a great deal of positive momentum to projects she is working on for me. 

Thank you for all that you do Lindsey!! xo"
- Kathleen Ventura, Conscious Branding Consultant

2015_1022_064.jpg"Lindsey is my Word Goddess. She seriously is my secret weapon, and I know by telling you that I am spilling the beans, but she is too good not to share. Before working with Lindsey I was stuck in fear. I knew what I wanted to say, but it was the fear of sounding stupid and not knowing what to say, that kept me from even trying. Lindsey has this magical power to take my ideas and make them all bright and shiny. I don’t have to worry about getting it right or where those silly commas go. Lindsey has taken that fear from me and now I can write fearlessly.  

I have become so productive with Lindsey on my team. She is in her zone of genius when it comes to writing copy/editing  and social media management. She is mad fast and full of fun and insights. I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and I would be lost without her.  She not only is a word goddess but she’s like a fairy word god-mother. It's like I pass off to her this big stinky pile of laundry and I get back this clean, nicely folded pile of clean clothes. And you know when you have someone like that, you never want to give them up. If your tongue tied and brain fired let Lindsey work her magic...you won’t regret it." .


"I had great ideas but didn’t know where to start as far as making a sales page, so I felt stuck. The first call with Lindsey completely calmed my nerves and honestly there were ZERO changes on the copy. She totally got me and my brand. I had two women sign up for my retreat the first day the sales page was up. How amazing is that?! She's incredibly talented at what she does." 

-Alison Sherwood, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach